Alison Brie plastic surgery secrets?

IMAGEAlison Brie bra size – marvelous measurement!One of the sexiest American actress, Alison Brie is definitely gaining a lot of attention and media spotlight under stories titled as Alison Brie bra size.

Best known for her roles in Community and Mad Men, this 52 kilo actress has hogged the limelight due to her curvy breasts.The vital statistics of this sensational actress is 32-24-32 making her one of those slim and petite models who have a full sized curvy breasts. The Alison Brie bra size is a 32C even though many people speculate that it could be a cup size more.

There was been no proof so far that this sexy actress has had any cosmetic surgery but there are rumors that maybe her breast have been enhanced by a skilled surgeon in Sydney. Which side of the story is true only time could tell. But for the time being we are happy just to know that Brie looks incredibly hot and sexy and her figure is the reason of envy for many women.Brie’s terrific looks can be credited to her ancestry as she has Jewish, Scottish, Dutch and Irish blood flowing in her veins giving her that impeccable radiant look. When she had posed for Maxim magazine appearing on their Hot 100 list, the Alison Brie bra size story gained even more momentum.

There were more and more people who wanted to know her exact cup and band size while there were others who liked to speculate how natural her breasts were.At 5’3”, she is not the exact height most models wish for as the minimum criteria in most modelling agencies seem to be 5’8” but when your body measurements are extraordinary like that of Alison’s, it is tough for anyone to say no! Alison Brie would always be the talk of the modelling town as breasts as full as hers is difficult to attain in such a lithe figure. But we also know if would have got breast implants, they would have been giving her a “on-your-face” kind of look as petite girls do not have enough tissue to cover the ridge line.

In this case, she see nothing of that sort but a smooth and perfectly rounded appearance which makes the story of plastic surgery to seem a bit bogus. It is quite obvious that a woman with such a sensational body would be made the victim of rumors that try to malign her image. All we can say is that Allison-you still rock!